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Das Wetter heute
Alpen Adria Cup 2007

Infos zum Alpen Adria Cup 2007 gibts hier

Termine zur Jetski Saison 2007

    EC = European Championship
    WC = World Championship

      21/24 march                      Guadeloupe (France)                      WC Rally jet    (Run + Ski + Freestyle)
      21/22 april                         Alicante (Spain)                                EC vitesse +EC féminin
      5/6 may                             Portimao (Portugal)                          WC Vitesse + EC féminin
      9/10 june                           Kos (Greece)                                   WC Vitesse + EC Féminin
      30-1 july                            Oléron (France)                               WC offshore
      14/15 july                          TBC
      4/5 august                         Campione (Italy)                               WC Féminin
      or  25/26 august                Firenze (Italy)                                   WC Féminin

      15/16 september               Corsica (France)                             EC Vitesse + EC Féminin
      6/7 ou 13/14 october         Corsica (France)                             EC Rally jet

   Forms SPES 2007 

      WC Vitesse                 Run – Ski – Freestyle                             Superstock
      WC Rally jet                Run – Ski                                                Superstock
      WC Féminin                Run – Ski – Slalom – Freestyle               Superstock
      EC Vitesse                  Run – Ski – Freestyle                             Superstock
                                         Run – Ski                                                Stock *

      EC  Rally jet                Run – Ski – Freestyle                             Superstock

   * the stock category will be confirmed according to the organizers and of the number of registered riders ; in the form of trophy, without price money

   For technical rules and reglement click "Weiter"